I’m a poet and librettist who works by day as Finance Bursar & Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford. You can find out more about my own poems here but this site is primarily about other people’s.

I review poetry books to spread the word about things I’ve enjoyed and to share my enthusiasm for great writing. This means I’ll only review books I like and will tend to focus on what’s good about them rather than what isn’t. (I also believe that vigorous critical debate is essential to a healthy poetry culture; I’m just not yet convinced that this site is the right place for it.)

Although my own centre of gravity is late modernist, I enjoy good writing from all poetic traditions and you’ll find an eclectic mix of stuff reviewed here. I’m obsessive about close reading and generally noisy about other poetry-related topics.

When not reading or writing poetry I spend far too much time in the kitchen and have picked up a professional diploma in wine along the way (long story, and far scarier than academic exams).


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